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Who are the members of the band?
When and how was "" formed?
What significance does the name of the band have?
What kind of music are you? What can you say about the text of your songs?
Why do you sing this way (why this style and why this text)?
Do you believe that music can influence someone's life?
Where did you record your debut album?
What does "I" mean?
Tell us a bit about the songs on this album.
What are your thoughts about marketing this album?
Ask yourselves a question.
Where can we buy your album?
How could your listeners contact you?
What other instruments do you play?
Who else played on your "I" album?
What stage appearances have you had?
What concluding message do you want to give to your listeners?

GABI BUCATARU - vocals, acoustic/electric guitar

STEFAN CZIFRAK (Pista) - acoustic/electric/bass guitar

TOMA ALMADI (Tom) - drums, percussion

In the fall of 1994, the three members of the band already knew each other but hadn't played together yet. They had juststrummed here and there on their guitars. Initially, the idea of a band came about when Gabi and Tom decided to try out howan acoustic guitar would sound with a joining percussion (bongos). Gabi had some songs already composed, so they didn't haveto start quite from ground zero. After just a short time, they also invited Pista . This was the beginning...

We weren't really thinking of a specific meaning when we decided to name ourselves this way. It seems that we started todiscover the meaning as time passed. Anywhere, anytime, anyone utters "from now on" (s)he makes a decision (good or bad) thatwill influence his life more or less. It can only be said in the present tense.

Tough question... We certainly didn't start out with the kind of music we're playing today. We could say that it sounds like"acoustical-folk-alternative-rock" (we assume responsibility for this term...). We like the sound of "acoustic wood" ingeneral. In regards to the text, we simply are trying to express humankind's need for spiritual fulfillment that we believeis Jesus Christ. Certainly the theme of a song could be also just a simple event in our life put in the form of a parable. Ingeneral, our texts are inspired from the Bible.

We play this style because of the simple reason that we like how it sounds and it fits us. About our texts we believe that itis much more appropriate to tell about an event that you lived than to tell about someone else's experience, especially ifyou're singing it too. We are inspired by the Bible because it seems to us to be an unexhaustable source, especially becausethe subjects that we find there represent the reality of life from day to day in a striking way.

Yes. Very much. It depends in what direction...

We recorded the first album, named "I", at the "Credo" Recording Studio in Timisoara, Romania, between September 4-20, 1995.It was our first time in a real-life recording studio, and we were completely nervous, but it ended up being a very goodexperience both professionally and relationally. We chose to record at this studio because there's a real family atmospherethere and even more importantly because we share the same principles.

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Again, we didn't think about a specific meaning, but we can say that it represents the real state of each person sung in thechorus of the last song of the album "I am a shadow that perishes and that's all".

We think that the songs can be grouped in two bundles. Those inspired by the Bible and those that speak about people'scertain states of being. For example, "Pitch Dark" and "Sweet Cake" speak about the person who tries to escape from therealities of life or ignores them. "The Lost Sheep" is a text inspired by a Bible parable told by Christ about a caringshepherd and a lost sheep. Some of the pieces contain a dose of sarcasm which we hope won't hurt anyone (if it has, we aresorry about the way in which we expressed

To give people something to think about...

What are we eating for lunch?

Unfortunately at this time, we have no way of selling the album outside of Romania, but we really would like to in the futureif the opportunity comes up.

Through mail, writing to us at the address:

Str. Banatul 5,
Timisoara 1900, Romania.

Or through e-mail which you'll find on page feedback.

De la inceput

Pista plays the trombone too (he learned it in the army), Gabi tried his talents at the violin, drums, and jus harp, but heseems to have just ended up with the guitar.

At the time when we recorded this album we needed to borrow Alexandru Hegyesi as a bassist from the band Deocamdata andLevente Molnar played the conga's and timbale for us in "Cold". The guys helped us out immensely.

Initially we had concerts with a small scope (music nights) for friends, we sang in youth camps at Plopu (1995), Bradatel(1996), and Surduc (1996). More significant concerts were at Student Fest Timisoara (1996), a charity concert (1997) at thestudio room at the Hungarian theater in Timisoara, Good Heart Concert (December 1997), and the Rock Music Festival in Szeged(Hungary 1998).

Rock on !

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