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Creating Dynamic Web Pages
TK-WEB is an M-based web server for the Windows and UNIX platforms. It runs under the control of an M multi-user system, providing scalability, reliability, fast access and full program control. Whether it's used for intranets or the Internet, TK-WEB is a great choice for those who need easy access to their M databases and want to take advantage of the ubiquitous HTML browser.

The TK-WEB design is simple and straightforward. There are no DLLs or system calls that need to be loaded or configured. It's simple to program from M to the web, and publishing web content from HTML editors to TK-WEB can be accomplished with a single button.

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Quick Tour
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Internet Mail Server
A companion product to TK-WEB, TK-IMAIL is actually two E-Mail servers that provide full mail functionality on any local or wide area network using TCP technology.
Because these servers support the popular SMTP and POP3 protocols, they can be used with any Internet capable mail client such as those provided by Microsoft Exchange or Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, etc. Because they run in the M environment, they are easily integrated with other M applications for custom needs. Configuration of these two servers is accomplished by means of a browser.


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TK-WORKS Programmers' Workbench provides an efficient and effective solution to the need for an advanced programming environment which is both portable and completely self-contained, regardless which implementation of M may be in use.
TK-WORKS features a full-screen Routine Editor, Routine Management, Release Management, Global Management and other utilities which work together to reduce the time required to develop and maintain application systems.
As is the case with all PG&A products, it is screen oriented and makes full use of the function keys provided with most types of terminals. The functions available in the Routine Editor, as well as each of the system's utilities, are available in only a few keystrokes enabling programmers to perform routine tasks in minimal time.
This particular distribution of TK-WORKS is the % version which will need to be stored in a directory that supports % routine names.


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Using TK-FORM, software developers have all of the tools they need at their fingertips for creating sophisticated data entry screens: screen painting, field definition, flow control, and pop-up windows for reference tables and context sensitive help. And all screens and control instructions are preprocessed to optimize run-time execution resulting in minimal impact on system performance.
Often used to prototype new applications, TK-FORM provides an environment in which the development team is limited only by its imagination. And TK-FORM can accomodate even the most difficult data entry situations including multiple item records, nested records, simple segments and reference table lookups.
Because of its many integrated features, use of TK-FORM can result in significant time savings by eliminating much of the M code that would normally have to be designed and written.
Not only can applications be developed more quickly, but maintenance of TK-FORM applications is much easier. Changes to a screen or field can be ready to run in just minutes, usually without touching a line of M code. And when TK-SCHEMA is employed, changes to the characteristics of any field can be compiled automatically into all the screens that reference that field.


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TK-POP is just one of a number of products in our Toolkit I series that came out in 1985. It only consists of 3 routines, but it easily can take the honors as the mostly widely used of our products.
With TK-POP, pop-up and pull-down menus can be easily inserted into new or existing M code for menu selection, dialog boxes, or just for a quick information display.
With advanced features such as direct database fetches, automatic columns and multiple selections, TK-POP provides the programmer with a powerful tool for a wide range of applications.


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A full-featured Text Processor and Document Management System, TK-WRITER is appreciated by users for its many features and for being so easy to learn and use. Programmers appreciate the simple interface which provides text editing for any application.
With TK-WRITER, the user has full-screen access to text in an text editor with on-screen underlining and bolding. Rulers displayed at the top and bottom provide tab stop and template information while a HELP key identifies important keys for each user's specific terminal.
TK-WRITER provides all that is expected from a comprehensive word processing and text management system, and more: cursor and screen movement keys, formating operations, cut and paste, word wrap, text justification, user-defined templates, search and replace, and spelling checker, each available at the press of a key or selected from a pop-up menu.
TK-WRITER gives printed documents a professional look and supports either foreground or background printing with complete queue control. Output features such as underlining, bolding, subscripts, superscripts, page headers and footers, automatic pagination, footnote insertion, and many more are all standard. A printer definition utility helps configure the software to a wide variety of dot matrix, letter quality and laser printers.
TK-WRITER provides an efficient and effective word processing system which requires little of the system\'s resources. It can be used as a standalone system or easily interfaced to other applications for advanced text entry.


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TK-WRITER - Multi-Lingual Version (See TK-WRITER for a brief write-up on the features of TK-WRITER.)
The Multi-Lingual version of TK-WRITER provides labels, menus and help text in four languages (English, German, French and Italian) which can be changed at the menus with the decimal point key.
The multi-lingual version also supports character translations on printing to enable national characters sets to be mapped to 8-bit characters on the printers.


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TK-MAIL is a versatile, person-to-person electronic mail and personal filing system which makes sending, receiving and managing interoffice mail quick and easy.
TK-MAIL provides all the functions and features of an electronic mail system users need to make interoffice communication more efficient. Phone messages, full-screen text editing, user definable filing system, send and recall, document status inquiry, attach and forward, delayed delivery, carbon copies and general distribution represent just a sample of its capabilities.
TK-MAIL is completely menu driven and easy to learn and use. It walks the user step-by-step through the process of creating, sending and reading mail. Hours of productive time can be freed in "paper-heavy" organizations by eliminating the paper and communicating electronically.
Not only is TK-MAIL easy to use, but it is also easy to install and configure. It can even be interfaced to TK-GUARDIAN or other security systems to enable passing of user identification information automatically. And a mail status utility is provided so that users can be alerted to the arrival of new mail.
In every way, TK-MAIL has been designed to improve manual systems while maintaining the same level of security and integrity. Because users have access only to their own mailbox, sensitive communications can be sent to their destinations with the confidence that they will not be seen or read by others.


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TK-FAX Facsimile Software
TK-FAX is a true multi-user facsimile system. Users may create and transmit a document without ever leaving their terminal, producing a clear, readable image since there is no scanning required.

TK-FAX increases user productivity by eliminating much of the unnecessary time and effort of manually printing and faxing documents. And with it\'s economical transmission option, TK-FAX can actually help your "bottom line" by reducing long distance charges.

TK-FAX utilizes all the advantages of Standard M technology. It can easily interface to existing M applications for manual or automatic faxing of reports, documents or projections.

Like all PG&A products, TK-FAX is completely portable; performance is unrestricted by operating system or hardware platform dependence and will run under any commercial implementation of Standard M technology. It requires only an external fax/modem.

TK-FAX operation is as simple as 1-2-3...

1. When you are ready to fax, simply call TK-FAX from your application...
2. ...then define your transmission variables and send to TK-FAX...
3. ...then monitor to insure complete transmission without having to leave your terminal.

transmits a clear print image that eliminates the distortion caused by scanning.

allows the user to create, transmit and monitor transmissions without leaving their terminal

actually saves the user money by lowering long distance bills and eliminating unnecessary paper costs

costs less than most fax machines and supports up to hundreds of simultaneous users

works with all standard M operating systems and hardware platforms

keeps statistics for a user-defined number of days for effective transmission monitoring


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TK-GUARDIAN is a comprehensive menu/security system. With the security option, TK-GUARDIAN will ardently protect your application systems from unauthorized access. Use it to design your own logon and maintain user, device and security classification files. Because of its unique encryption algorithm, pass- words and other sensitive information remain undiscovered.
Security managers appreciate the comprehensive utilities provided as well as the flexibility of the security classification system. Classifications may be assigned to both users and devices on the system. After logon, secured items can be displayed or hidden entirely. In either case, users are prevented from selecting items which are not available.
Often used just for its menu environment, TK-GUARDIAN's full-screen menus are appreciated by users for the on-line help and ease of Point 'N Shoot item selection. Furthermore, shortcuts to any menu or application in the system can be added and maintained by the users themselves.
Many sites take advantage of the activity log which can be selectively turned on or off. When on, TK-GUARDIAN will keep a log of accesses at any device and be able to provide such information as user name, time of logon, applications used, duration of use, and time and nature of logoff.


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TK-CALC provides complete, multi-user spreadsheet capabilities to Standard M systems with the look and feel users have already come to appreciate. Use it standalone or interfaced to other applications, it can save hours in the preparation of just one report.
TK-CALC provides users with the interactive computational capabilities they have become accustomed to in either 80 column or 132 column mode. And several on-board, interactive tutorials make it easy to learn and use.
With a full complement of @Functions, relative and absolute cell addressing including references to cells in other spreadsheets, TK-CALC proves to be a powerful tool in the hands of anyone working with columnar data. In addition, TK-CALC can be easily called from other applications to provide complete spreadsheet functionality in a wide variety of settings.


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The PG&A TK-GRAPH package provides the M programmer with the ability to easily generate device independent character graphics for character mode terminals (or emulations) and printers. Use your imagination with this graphing product. Its uses are almost endless.
TK-GRAPH is very simple to use. The user need only set a single local variable and call TKGRAPH (TKGRAP for a printer). TK-GRAPH does the rest.


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TK-LEDGER is a multi-user, balanced entry general ledger system which can provide individualized accounting services for an almost unlimited number of organizations. The system supports multiple open periods as well as fiscal years, while a robust account inquiry program can assist in reviewing transaction detail for any fiscal period or year. A full set of easy-to-read accounting reports is provided as well as a very flexible financial report writer. In addition, the system will provide departmental and/or divisional income statements for organizations with this requirement.
A further highpoint of the system is its interfaces to both TK-CALC and TK-GRAPH. Authorized users can produce graphs of financial data, such as Income Vs. Expense over Time, in seconds. Or to support budgeting and modeling, extract financial data directly from the general ledger into a TK-CALC spreadsheet. There it can be massaged to show trends, project financial status, or produce special reports.
Because the system's menus are based on TK-GUARDIAN, the system provides very flexible security, which in addition to protecting accounting data from undesired access, can also provide information regarding access to the software, when, by whom, what was done, and how long it took.


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TK-PAYABLES is a robust, interactive accounts payable system which is fully integrated with TK-LEDGER and designed to minimize the effort of recording and paying bills.
Like its counterpart TK-LEDGER, TK-PAYABLES is a multi-user, balanced entry accounts payable system which can operate for an almost unlimited number of organizations. The system provides all the necessary functions for recording and paying an organizations bills. And the interface to TK-LEDGER is so automatic that the general ledger is always current.


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