We're still beta testing M3-lite. Feel free to download the latest release and try it out. Our M3 Support Desk is for questions, comments, and bug alerts.

We added the M3 Lite Discussion Group to our web site which we hope will be useful to our M3-Lite users. We find that some users are more than happy to share their knowledge and experiences and that often they do that better than we do. At the same time this will free us up to get other things done.

Latest release 11/4/2011

M3-Lite System Window

M3-Lite is a fully functional database server. It runs on Window 95 through Windows 7. A system window provides a control panel for monitoring all M3-Lite operations as well as to help launch browser sessions, terminal sessions and GUI applications.

Startup options allow the system console to be invisible, minimized, non-existent or be placed on the system tray.

     M3-Lite Terminal Window

M3-Lite comes with a built in terminal window for legacy software and terminal based system control. Full screen routine and global editors provides the programmer with full access to all 63 namespaces.

Although there is no limit on the number of windows that can be opened on a given desktop, the 240 job limit will restrict the number of active sessions to 240.

The terminal window emulates a VT220/VT420 and provides font and color control. The function keys are functional and are mapped to provide full VT220 emulation.

M3 Control In A Browser      

M3-Lite also supports a browser based control panel. This along with the internal web server and internet support should make M3-Lite a favorite for those who want to connect their databases to the net.

If you are new to this page and don't know what M3-Lite is all about, or if you're looking for more details on the specifics of M3-Lite, the links under the Product Info section to the upper left will fill you in.

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